Carl started this business in 1978. He and his wife were square dancers turned cloggers by Bill Nichols. Carl saw the need for someone to repair and replace taps at workshops and competitions. He also saw the need for individuals to purchase shoes and taps. He started out part time just repairing taps at clogging events. He found one supplier of shoes and a different supplier for taps. Carl used this shoe supplier for around 15 years until the supplier started having difficulty in getting materials. He continued to use this supplier of shoes but was looking for another supplier. Carl eventually found a small shoe company that would manufacture clogging shoes for him. Everything went well for another 6-7 years. Then, the small shoe company was going to close and he would be left with only the original supplier. Luckily, the timing coincided with Carl's retirement from his full time job. He ended up buying the shoe company and started making his own shoes. He continued making his own shoes until he passed away in 2008 and his wife Patsy continued until she passed away in 2009. His daughter, Krystal, and her husband, Steve, are currently keeping the business running.

     You will see Carl's Clogging at many clogging events throughout the year. We are a very small company consisting of Krystal, Steve, and 2 employees. We attend about 17 events in 10 months per year between mid January and Thanksgiving. Between the events, we make shoes and send out orders. During August, September, and the beginning of October we receive more orders than the rest of the whole entire year. Before Covid, we could get orders out quicker than we can at this time. Since Covid, we are having difficulties in getting raw materials to make shoes in a timely manner. This, combined with the fact of everyday delays is causing a longer wait time in processing orders. We do expect to be caught up on orders by mid December. Thanks for your patience and understanding.